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  • How dangerous is rugby? This is not football with out pads. It is a full contact sport with tackling.  Any kind of dangerous play is illegal.  Here is a link to a medical article about the types on medical issues present in the sport.  Additional things to keep in mind:
    • A trained medical individual is present at all games as per Rugby Virginia requirements
    • Coaches teaching contact (e.i. tackling, scrumming, rucking) are required to be Level 200 certified (an in-person class)
    • All players are required a minimum amount of contact practices before they can play in a game
    • As part of joining the team insurance is included for every player detailed here:
  • Is there a discount for those who receive government assistance? Fairfax County provides sports scholarships for children who live in Fairfax County and receive government assistance. Parents should complete the application and submit the form and supporting documentation to the HORFC Registrar, PO Box 1771, Herndon, VA 20172-1771. Do not mail this form to Fairfax County NCS!
  • Are the coaches qualified? All coaching staff are required to pass a background investigation as well as be certified by USA Rugby to coach tackle rugby (A level 200 certification requiring classroom and field training in children’s psychology, rugby techniques, coaching techniques, and concussion specific training) 
  • I don't have an "athletes" body can I still play? Rugby uses and needs people of all different body types.  Unlike sports such as basketball or volleyball that mainly utilize tall or skinny people, rugby needs those of all types.  There are positions that give advantages to tall, short, bigger, and smaller, as well as more neutral positions that give advantages to those who learn the game well and can strategize.  
  • Will there be try outs? Anyone who wants to play will and they will get lots of playing time! 
  • If there are no try outs won't that mean we will have a bad team? Rugby is an emerging sport in the USA.  It is the newest Olympic sport (it replaced softball) so almost all players in the USA have no idea of the rules or how to play it well.  That is why we don't turn anyone away; it would be like testing someone on a subject they have never heard of.
  • Why play rugby?          
    Rugby is one of the fastest growing youth sport in the country. Summer rugby is a great way for children to stay active in a structured and fun way. Furthermore, rugby is now an Olympic sport!
  • Can boys and girls play together?:
    Yes in touch, not in tackle..
  • What are the are restrictions?:
  • When is the 15's rugby season?:
    Spring March-May (Some practices may start in Feb)
  • Who will we play against?:
    We will play against the clubs in Rugby Virginia. 80% of the clubs are located in Northern Virginia.
  • Medical Staff Nick Heufelder - EMT/Paramedic, Pediatric Advance Life support Instructor, Advanced Life Support Instructor, First Aid/CPR instructor, International Trauma life support Instructor