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Required Equipment

  • Mouthguard ($1-$10 most stores - $300 custom dentist version)
  • Jersey or T-shirt (~$30; One will be provided at games, T-shirt with backup T for practices acceptable)
  • Rugby Shorts ( ~$10-$40)
  • Tall Socks (Please get dark green, purple or black ~$5-$10)
  • Cleats (~$20-120 Can be from other sports as long as it does not have a cleat on the toe! Molded recommended here is a picture)

Optional Equipment

  • Scrum Cap
  • Rugby ball (balls will be provided at practices/games)
  • Shoulder Pads
Where can you buy it?


Shorts-Mouth Guards-Balls-Cleats
Matt Godek Rugby & Soccer Supply
2929 Eskridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 560-1919
Balls-Compression Shorts-Mouth Guards-Cleats-Socks-No Rugby Shorts sold here
Sports Authority
21070 Southbank Street
Sterling, VA 20165
Cascades Marketplace Shopping Center‎
(703) 421-7010
  Ball & Mouth Guard Rugby
Compression Shorts Socks Scrum Cap Shoulder Pads Boots
Sports Authority
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Rugby Imports
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